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Every Air conditioning company in Arlington will tell you they have high quality installs. But what does that mean. Did you know 90% of HVAC equipment installed today is installed wrong! The most important day in the life of your new HVAC system is the day it is installed. If you Purchase a 16 SEER system and connect it to ductwork the has a leakage rate of 30% are you still getting 16 SEER? If it is installed with refrigerant lines that are to small is it still 16 Seer? If the day its installed its 1/2 pound low on refrigerant is it still 16 SEER? NO… No.. And NO! More importantly did you get what you paid for? 

Here is the most common efficiency killing mistakes. This is how Beco Air and heat is in the top 10% of quality installs in the country.


The first part of air conditioning is “Air”. More specifically air flow. Air flow is crucial to the SEER rating and the actual delivered mount of cooling. For example what if a HVAC manufacture builds a 4 ton, 21 SEER unit and then a contractor installs it on an air duct system that is only big enough for 3 tons. You guested it. It is no longer 21 SEER and the actual delivered air condition is no longer 4 ton. This happens every day in the HVAC industry and the buyer is NOT GETTING WHAT THEY PAID FOR.

Return duct leakage

Air ducting steals twice. Once when it sucks in hot attic air from leakage in the return ducting and second when cold air escapes from the supply side ducting going back to the rooms. Sealing the duct system at the joints and seams makes a major difference in over all efficiency

Beco Air and Heat will take static pressure readings in your duct work using Magnehelic gauges. We will be able to calculate the air pressure inside your duct system and make changes as needed to install your new HVAC system to the manufactures specifications


To know the correct size for your new HVAC system a heat load calculation must be done. Yet only 22% of contractors actually take the time do perform these calculations. Most contractors over size home air HAVC equipment thinking “its Texas, Why not”. Well there are lot of reasons to not over size your new equipment. Most of the time it is being don just to overcome faulty duct work. Over sizing and cause high humidity issues, mold and mildew, pour indoor air quality and high electric bills just to name a few. If you have oversized air condition the heating system must match. For example you can not have a 5 ton a/c unit with a 3 ton heater. So a bigger a/c unit means a gigger heating system. Over sized heaters can cause low humidity, dry skin, allergy issues along with nose bleeds.  A undersized HVAC system can have a lot of challenges as well. Running to long or not cooling the space down, low humidity, high electric bills just to name a few.

Beco Air and Heat always performs a Manual J heat load calculation to insure the system you choose keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.

Manufactures specifications

30 years ago every major manufacture used R22 refrigerant in there residential HVAC equipment and. Contractors could install most equipment in the same manor with subtle differences. Today however, R22 has been phased out and manufactures are in strong competition to see who can make the most efficient HVAC equipment in the world. Installing a York is completely different than installing a Train or Lennox. But they all have recommended steps be taken with the new refrigerant. This is where a lot of HAVC companies fall down.

Nitrogen purge when brazing is just one of theses steps. Using nitrogen prevents contaminates from getting into the refrigerant of your ne air conditioning system. The new refrigerants are a lot more sensitive then the old r22 refrigerant was. Contaminates in the refrigeration can cause component failures over time. We will hear new customers say “I will nerve owner another Carrier” or “I will never owner another Train” because thy have had so many issues. In reality is was not bad equipment. Just a Pour install. Why would anyone not purge with nitrogen while brazing you might ask? Well its is time consuming and adds to the raw cost of he the job. This step gets overlooked most of the time

Beco air and heat always purges with nitrogen when brazing in your new HVAC equipment!

Trying to be the low bidder

The race to the bottom results in everyone being a loser. The ones who don’t get the contract lose. The one who gets the contract can’t do the work properly because they have to scrimp on labor and materials. And the homeowner loses because, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

When a contractor tries to be the cheapest bid instead of bidding the job for what it will take to do it right, they have to keep all their costs as low as possible. They hire poorly trained techs and then don’t do enough—or anything—to get them trained properly and keep them updated. They may quote the same equipment as everyone else but have to cut corners in other places like labor and materials. They do the least work they possibly can hoping to make a few dollars.

At Beco air and heat we bid each job based on what we need to do the work correctly. We do not price match. We win some jobs and we loose some jobs but we always bid job on what it will take us to do the work correctly and stand behind our work when we are finished.

There are many more factors that go into a great install. Keep an eye out for up coming Blog post for more details or contact us today for a detailed quote on your ne HVAC system.

At Beco Air and Heat, we simplify the AC installation process in Arlington, TX. Summers in this Tarrant County city can get extremely hot. However, a new and energy-efficient air conditioning system can keep your home cool while saving you money on your energy bills. As a locally owned and operated company, we offer highly personalized services at all times. We’ll help you to decide on an air conditioning unit that will be right for your home and budget. Our NATE-certified technicians will get everything installed properly the first time.

100% satisfaction

We’ve developed a reputation for:

  • Putting customer needs first
  • Offering flexible financing options on approved credit
  • Charging reasonable prices
  • Having convenient appointment scheduling

Our goal is to get you an AC unit that will run reliably and efficiently for a long time. We use high-quality parts to install every air conditioning unit that we work on in Arlington to ensure exceptional results.

Air Conditioning Unit Installations Arlington Trusts

Family Values
Ryan Rasberry
Ryan Rasberry
Ryan Rasberry

Mark and his team of technicians at Beco went above and beyond to take care of my AC needs. They were committed to doing the job with excellence and perseverance. They were very reassuring and demonstrated a genuine concern that we were well taken care of. They communicated regularly with me and were prompt in reply to my calls and needs. They showed up on time and didn’t leave until the job was completed...even after hours. Terry and Jack (the on-site technicians) were friendly, respectful and very professional in their work at my home. They were personable and very helpful in explaining what they were doing and answered all of my questions. I am going to encourage others to use Beco in the future and I will be calling them back with all of our AC and heating needs.

James Womack
James Womack
James Womack

Educated the client well. Installed system quickly and in very poor environmental conditions. Had to make changes to duct system under the house, change and manufacture new sheet metal guards, and dig foundation for new pad. System working like a charm and price was surprisingly reasonable. Old BECO owners would be proud and I certainly was/am. They also took care of my next door neighbor who had extensive work required, in and out of home, and again in bad environmental conditions. She was smiling afterwards. Their reputation is clearly an important priority for their business.

Air Conditioning Unit Installations Arlington Trusts

At [company_name], we make sure that every AC installation in Arlington goes as smoothly as possible. Our technicians will arrive at their appointments when expected and be dressed in the company uniform.

They’ll be driving vehicles that have all of the tools and parts they need to complete an installation promptly. All waste will be taken off of your property for disposal when we’re done, too.

Knowledgeable technicians will:
  • Address any of your concerns
  • Wear booties when inside your home
  • Answer any of your questions
  • Clean up their work area when finished

We work with energy-efficient products and can help our customers to calculate their savings before we install a unit. You can rely on us to provide any follow-up support that’s needed as well.

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The complete satisfaction of each of our customers is important to our team members. We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB by putting customer needs first and going the extra mile to exceed expectations. We work with Lennox, York, and Mitsubishi products, and we can install any type of air conditioning unit that you want in your Arlington home. Technicians from [company_name] will make sure you know how to operate your new AC unit before leaving your Arlington residence.

Our technicians are also prepared to assist with any AC repair or tune-up project that you have. We also handle heating installations when the temperatures start to drop! To learn more about our work in Arlington, give us a call today.